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Hello I'm engineer Nisreen Sha'ban from Jordan ، i purchased a jeep Nissan Pathfinder 2015 on 5th - may from your nissan distributer in Jordan, and i faced with them too many problems. I complained & reviewed them several times in order to find the cause of the problems, but without any helpfull or logic answer.

Also I try to contact the Director of Maintenance Engineer Hani several times and every time he used to say" I am out of the office and i will see your subject & ask my employees then call you" , but he did not call and respond to me at all to solve the problems.

For this i resorted to you to solve my complain .

1.. The first problem began since i receipt the car due to the increasing of fuel consumption above the given rate to me when i bought the car, where according to manufacturer's instructions, the exchange rate of fuel consumption in ideal conditions is 200 km / 20 litre while the walked rate in Jordan according to the agent is 170_180 km / 20 litre and ensure that the costumers had the same car .

On the other hand my car fuel consumption didnt exceed at best an average in internal routes of 120_136km / 20 liter and 146 km / 20 liter on the external road (Amman-Aqaba).

And every time when i reviewed the agency , they once say we adjust the caliber of the car and once tell me to wait the car to walk more kilometers to be more efficiency in fuel consumption saying the reason for it is new .

2 . When I receive the car i noticed a white lines on the corners of the doors and i tell the maintenance center to give me reason,they tell me that it needs only polish ,after awhile i reveiwed the Maintenance Center in Tabarboor to fix the problem ,then they hand over the car to me in aworst and non acceptable case, they removed & scratched the paint from the corners of the doors and replaced the original paint by using small brush to paint the harmfull areas considering that I am *** person & will not notice the mistake.

For all of these in addition that your distributer company can not listen to the customer and fix the problems .Since I purchased the Nissan brand because I believe it is well-known and long-standing company .

In the end please take into account in case i face non-response I will present my request for an objective to the eliminate and return the car to the agent .

.i would confirm my complain again.where i discover the worst case happen to my car after the polish process made from nissan maintenance branch which contribute to certain the factory default in painting and in engine.

i sent my car to nissan maintenance branch ,they give me alternative- nissan qashqai 2012- in bad case , i tell them i will not accept any repairs.they have to give me anew one without factory default or return to me the paid money .

thanks for caring

please see the attached photos which appears the white hair lines in all the car.

Thanks for caring

Nisreen hassan shaban


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of nissan jordan. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of 2015 nissan pathfinder and associated monetary loss in the amount of $60000. Bustami And Saheb Trading Co needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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